Monday, February 28, 2011

Babylon's Demise

Babylon got the best of me today
Never starts out that way
Always the best of intentions
Next thing you know
You’re paving the road to Hell

Give in once, twice, three times
The fourth time is really easy
You want to do what’s right
Next thing you know
Light is a scarce memory behind you

I was my own best enemy today
Usually starts out that way
Not usually my intention
Next thing you know
More deserved foes laugh in my face

Only one chance to conquer
Always starts and ends that way
Giving in to strength not mine
Next thing you know
Stepping into the light of Babylon’s demise

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tell Somebody

This is it. Today is the day.

I often write about how vital it is to express our love to others through our actions, but I don’t talk much about telling somebody in our words that we love them. Interestingly I think it is often easier for us to show somebody we love them then to tell them that.

Sometimes we’re held back by fear, or pretence, or social boundaries, but it is important for others to hear the words “I love you”, especially if we are already expressing it through our actions. Maybe it’s someone in your family or a good friend, whomever it is let this be the day that you let them know, “I love you”. Those words just might make the difference.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hammer and Nails

Took a walk around the block
Strains of Fogerty, Foreman, and Powell
Bending my ears, cold harsh wind hurting my ears
Looking for light at the end of the tunnel
Asking for His presence to come down
Trying to make sense of the space around me
Running with the crowd, running against the crowd
Rising above the crowd, not much liking the crowd
The silliness of what makes sense to some
The magnificence of what make sense to some
The despair of what makes sense to some
Violence and terror in dogged pursuit of souls
We buy into the pleasure of it all
The guilt, the guilt and shame we don’t much like
But the pleasure, we enjoy the pleasure for a season
All sin is violent I’ve heard it said
Never a truer statement I think
We drive the nails in hard
With the hammer we possess
We didn’t have to accept the hammer
But we like the hammer, the violence gives us peace
Wonder why my brother has to talk
About me in such a manner
You know he talks about you that way too
Better to keep silent and not defend such thoughts
There is light at the end of the tunnel
But it’s greatly diminished through the dark glass
Wisdom says to choose your friends wisely
Attitude, character, and vision count
Happiness is overrated
But joy, now that’s something to value
Visions of paradise keep the hammer out of my hands
Eyes on the heavens manifest true friends
More than a walk around the block
Reaching beside, reaching above
Walking hand in hand on the narrow path
Filled with life, filled with love
Filled with joy for the life ahead

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What To Do With My Time

Have you ever thought about volunteering your time to help someone who needs help? Just because…no strings attached…expecting nothing in return? You have? Ok, good. Now have you ever gotten past the thinking part and actually acted on the idea?

In every community in this country there are multitudes of opportunities to offer your talents, your time, or just your friendship in ways that will bring a little bit of light to those who need something, someone, or maybe just a helping hand. It doesn’t matter what age you are, but I’m mostly hoping young people take this to heart.

When I was a young adult the idea of volunteering my precious time to help others was mostly a foreign concept to me. Sure, I was nice to people and respectful to my parents and had a strong sense of right and wrong, but really didn’t have the kind of faith that stepped out and put myself out for others.

And then I met a wonderful young lady that showed me what it was like to give a part of yourself to make other’s lives more meaningful and joyful. When I first met her she was the hands, feet, and eyes of an elderly couple who were pretty much homebound. She would spend time with them every day, sometimes for hours, attending to their needs and just giving them someone to talk to. She was also the kind of person that would drop everything she was doing at a moments notice to help whoever dialed her phone.

Reluctantly at first, but eventually getting more comfortable with the idea I followed her example and realized this is what a believer should look like. Thankfully I married that young lady. To this day her life is filled with volunteering at senior centers, counseling those in need, mentoring young people, and a whole host of other things she prefers people don’t know about. :)

But that’s really the heart of helping others isn’t it? Giving of yourself in a way that benefits others without drawing attention to yourself-expecting nothing in return except “well done good and faithful servant”. Quietly volunteering ourselves in the service of others is an expression of the faith within us, an expression of love for our Heavenly Father and fellow man.

If you’re a teenager or young adult and you find you are sometimes bored with life, or wish you had a way to spread the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven, think about volunteering. Hook up with a program that gives you the opportunity to offer companionship to an elderly person in your community. Find a way to mentor a child that is having a difficult life. Volunteer your time at a local public school or library to help a kid become a better reader. Help out at a local food bank, or serve meals at a local homeless or women’s shelter.

Who you are, including your age and situation in life, will help you decide what might work for you. Just do something to let your light shine. Do something to make at least one person’s life better, because you are there when there is nobody else. Make a difference. And it’s ok if others know what you are doing, just don’t do it to be known.

So anyway as you know by now, I’m a huge proponent of having this kind of living faith that we live with actions, not just words. It doesn’t do much to say be warm and fed and send someone away without the necessities of life. It doesn’t do much good to say you have a faith in a Savior and yet not visit the sick, the shut in, and the lonely. Live what you believe. Live it, live it, live it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sound of Creation

A song I wrote several years ago. It needs some work. Formatting isn't quite right yet. :)

Intro: G A Em Em A D Em

Em A G Em
Listen to the sound of this creation
Em A G A
Screaming for a way to find salvation

Em G D Em Em G A Em Em

Em A G Em
Do you care enough to light the pathway
Em A G D Dsus
Living waters flowing to a new day

If you care enough to show them the way
Then let your light shine forth for all to see

G A Em Em A D Em Em

Em A G Em
Now this earth still waits in expectation
Em A G A
Yearning for the day of liberation

Em A D G Em A D Em Em

Em A G Em
When the sons of Yah shall be revealed
Em A G DDsus
In His Son our names will all be sealed

And if you love enough to show the true way
Then let your love shine forth for all to see

G D A Cmaj7 a G D

Yahshua cared enough to show us the way
G D G D A G D Dsus D
He let his love flow forth for all to know